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blender® Light

Patented LED light for Film & Video

Before 2005, I had never done more than wire a light socket.

In 2006 I was leading a practicum at Children's Hospital in Boston, making videos for oncology floors, where "low impact" was essential. I really wanted a battery powered, high output LED light. Something compact, fast and easy, flicker-free, with white light close to black body locus, and no gels needed to adjust color temperature.

In 2007, I started designing and building LED lights to my specs. I learned about luminous flux, integration spheres, boost, buck and non-intermittent dimming, thermal management, etc. (Only a few designs exploded.) With early functional units, I identified and solved problems unique to these arrays

In 2008, I applied for a patent. I hand-built models with the new technology, from sheet metal work and electronics, down to labeling. I contracted a short production run, sourcing one vendor for housing, one for electronics. I did the final assembly by hand. I started selling.

Still in 2008, I licensed the technology to the world leader in location lighting, Lowel Lightswho now manufacture and sell them worldwide. (Patent was granted in 2010.) This product has seen increasing sales each year since. 

Since then, I have consulted for the manufacturer, and presented Blender light technology at NAB in both 2009 and 2010.

In 2012, I visited an MIT lab doing power generation research. Lowel Blender lights are used for high speed Phantom camera visualization of bubble formation. The Blender does not generate interference flicker at high frame rates (or "off-speed"), unlike the PWM dimming drivers of most LED fixtures, which prevented their use. 


designs, Prototypes, test rigs, components


I have designed and hand built a number of task lights, as well as test units for the Blender line. In the process, I have also built custom test rigs for component bench testing and selection. 

Additional Projects

Micro-pan/tilt, Multi-axis test rigs, tuned extension speakers, Assistive devices

Custom, handmade components and rigs are just a part of figuring out what the heck to do with interesting problems.

Protokor, inc projects currently confidential

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