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Canon digital press promo

sample materials for sales presentation

Canon print samples typically have a useful lifespan of six weeks to six months. This piece has had useful life of six years and counting.

It was done with less than four weeks from proposal to completion.  

I was responsible for concept and content, copywriting, and Creative Direction throughout. On the client side, I worked with print reproduction and color expert, John Scott Thorburn. 

We analyzed the situation together. From this I made a mini-database to sort 4 differentiators, 11 production requirements, 4 elements for qualitative analysis, 3 paradigmatic subjects, and 7 visual elements of imagery. I output the data as a printed set of cards, to shuffle and re-combine at will. 

I devised an overarching theme of a single day: Dawn, Day, Twilight and Night, and wrote the tag line of "The time is always now". The copywriting would have levels of "poetic", technical and business content, co-existing but not forced together. This constituted the proposal.

I planned the main images to use a foreground figure, shot separately from the background, which would then combine in a surreal manner. The poses should evoke reflection or ritual, and feel both every-day and not of this earth. Here I had the great fortune of engaging the talented group at Trillium Studios, led by renowned National Geographic photographer Cary Wolinsky and designer Babs Wolinsky, who also created the exquisite stylings for the photos.

The four of us sat down with the cards, image brief, and brainstormed. The Wolinsky's created stunning imagery from this open-ended, but clear-minded process. 

Concurrent with the photo shoots, I was finalizing both copy and overall layout. (You can see my thumbnails as the grouped spreads.) The layout would be clean and provide visual separation for copy addressed to separate audiences. 

This piece has been featured in design annuals, and is a great showpiece for all the collaborators. If you wish to see it in more detail, here is a pdf link.

ad agency business

Robotham Creative, Inc. 354 Congress St. Boston

For over a decade I ran an ad agency, with studios on Congress Street, downtown Boston. I developed strategy, wrote and designed advertising, collateral, and early websites for commercial/industrial clients with sales up $100million. We purchased $250-600K annually in ad space worldwide. Ads that I designed and wrote have won over a dozen Independent Readership Awards in major trade publications, competing with divisions of Fortune 500 companies such as Dow and Dupont. After 2004, I have worked as a freelance Creative Director for marketing and promotions. 

Corporate identity & advertising

Business-to-business in commercial, industrial markets


The client manufactures and sells engineered industrial products, worldwide. They are the third largest in their industry segment. I updated their look in the late 1990's, to help them stand apart from the prevailing "corporate-industrial" look, and to support branding as innovators.

Since their collateral often demanded collections of product images, I wanted an overall schema that would house any amount of random product shots while maintaining consistency. The fundamental design was loosely inspired by El Lissitzky and Kandinsky.

I used this design framework in their advertising, collateral and website, which I designed and my staff executed.

I included a logo design that they did not pick (sigh). Since their logo was used on everything from parts wrapping tissue to the sides of trucks, I thought something more iconic and more participatory then a simple logotype would boost their brand. Great client, nice people. Still wish they picked that logo.

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