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Director of Photography

experimental work




Composer Porter Smith's music embodies a narrative of bipolar progression and resolution. This concept video uses a visual dialectic analogous to meta-cognitive processes. I was responsible for concept, shooting, editing and motion graphics. Presented at the 2010 International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education, Nashville, TN.

The full-blown video installation proposal is for a multi-screen, full length interpretation of Porter's composition. Elements include projection, flat screens on servo's, choreographed to video stream orientation, plus plans for position sensing of viewers, controlling video stream properties. The demonstration, shown above, is to give a sense of the installation experience, in a manner appropriate to a single stream video presentation.

Director of Photography 

International Cinematographers Guild, since 1995

Here is a selection of material from mid-90's to mid-2000's, when cinematographers only received SD transfers (if that!). Shot on Super16 and 35mm film (handheld helo shots on video). Shot on locations, soundstages, day for night, night for day, etc. Crew size from one to eight, budgets from nothing to over half million.

additional cinematography work

Documentary - Spots - psa's 

Demonstrating peeler: First is from doc on blind fans of baseball. Second is from doc feature film "Pitch People" (Amazon). I shot the east coast segments. 

Dapper MC: first spot won Aegis and Telly Awards in 2001. Next spot generated revenues to enable three PSA's.

Boots: NE Shelter for Homeless Vets PSA aired on 6pm and 11pm Boston newscasts, a rarity for public service. The second was DP work. The third was pro bono. I wrote, co-produced, shot and edited the first and third PSA's. 

Corporate jet: Motorola b2b video, years before iphones. DP work.

working on set

Interior, exterior, on location, soundstage or greenscreen. Acquisition on digital cinema, film and video formats. 

personal project

(writer, producer, cinematographer, editor)

awards & Screenings


American International Film & Video Festival 1995

    sponsored by the American Film Society

    • Best Cinematography Award

    • Ten Best Award (top ten entries)


WorldFest Houston 1996, The Houston International Film Festival

    sponsored by the Houston Film Society

    • Finalist Award (4th prize), 16mm dramatic short

    • Selected for screening (100 films screened, out of more than 4,000 entries)


Local Sightings Film Series

    sponsored by the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation

    • Boston area premier March 21st, 1996

    • Selected for traveling program with 4 showings in MA

    • Requested for additional showings in traveling program, Fall 1998 into "99


Minnesota Film and Video Expo 96

    • Selected for screening (36 films screened, out of more than 600 entries)


Canadian International Annual Film Festival 1996

    • Special Commendation for Editing


Sinking Creek Film/Video Festival 1996

    sponsored by Vanderbilt University

    • Award of Merit


Columbus International Film & Video Festival 1996

    sponsored by the Film Council of Greater Columbus

    • Honorable Mention, Health & Medicine Category

    • Best Cinematography Award

    • Ten Best Award (presented to the top ten entries)

storyboards & lighting plan