sculpture & drawings

Floating Sculpture INstallations

commissioned by the cambridge arts council

These two site-specific installations were commissioned for the Cambridge River Festival. Bamboo "high flyers", lobster buoys, and fabric. Designed to "collect" like flotsam in a concavity of the river bank. An underwater, articulated, wood structure permits undulations with the water. Counterweights, in tension with the buoys, keep the structure just below the surface and visible in "Flotilla". In "Water Flower" it is both camouflaged and 18" below the surface, to be invisible. 

"Water Flower" was an invited installation in 1988. The year before, "Flotilla of Dreams" was selected in open competition. Each piece was seen by approximately 35 thousand people. Volunteers helped assemble and disassemble the modular structure in about 2 hours.


"honey, I'm home" series


These works from the mid to late 1980's are in wood, plexi, nylon rod and paint originate with a skewed rhombus. The non-planar units allow for a visually "recombinant" form of what feel like familial, but not identical shapes. I am interested in the co-dependencies of spatial systems and organizations of line, shape and color. I am interested less in "object-ness" and more in "thing-ness".  


Other works

A range of work is shown here from the late 1970's and early 1980's: serial wood constructions, plexi with balanced properties of reflectance and transmission, and welded steel transitional forms in space. Includes works in private and corporate collections.

Drawings & works on paper

Works on paper, with conté crayon, acrylic wash, watercolor pencil, and acrylic paint with ruling pen. Interested in how a familial category of marks can create a characteristic sense of space and movement, including drifting or aleatory movement. Overall, interested in how multiple systems coexist, interdepend and interact. 

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